Pashupathi who wanted to make grandmother’s daughter an abbess

Pasupathi replaced Mammootty; Dandati Director Ram Sangaiah

  • The kiss of love given by granddaughters who hug fathers is punishment; Producer Laxman Kumar*
  • Should you have a beard if you are an alcoholic? ; Vivek Prasanna who cheated the director*

The movie ‘Thandatti’ is produced by Laxman Kumar under Prince Pictures. This movie is co-produced by A. Venkatesh and directed by debutant director Ram Sangaiah.

Pashupati is the hero of the story, Rohini, Vivek Prasanna, Ammu Abhirami, Deepa, Semmalar Annam, Bhuvita, Mukesh and others are in the main roles. Especially many old women in dandatti from Usilampatti area of Madurai district played the main characters of this film.

The film was directed by K.S. Music composed by Sundaramurthy. Cinematography by Mahesh Muthuswamy has been done by Siva Nandeeswaran. Veeramani has noticed the art.

As this film is slated to release on 23rd June, the music and trailer release ceremony was held yesterday evening in Chennai.

Producer Laxman Kumar, who welcomed everyone at the event, said, “This is a really happy festival. I decided to make this film as soon as the director Ram Sangaiya told me the story. It is a story mixed with humor. He has added a little imagination to the events he grew up watching and made it into a fictional story. The actor we first thought of for this story, Pashupathi joined us in this film.. Rohini also played the role of an old man. We have completed the shooting in one phase in Theni. The shooting was lively with the Dandatti Appattas who acted in this film. All of them gave the director dubs. It was a good experience. Today’s We are slowly moving away from certain things in the environment. We thought that we should make this film about such a thing, Dandati. This film is the kiss of love given by granddaughters who hug grandmothers and fathers.”

Art director Veeramani said, “I don’t know how long Thandatti will be around. We have seen it for many years. Director Ram Sangaiah has given it screen form. This film is his life. In this film, there is only one house in the scene. The director has chosen a suitable house for it. He kept it. But when we went to shoot, they built a new house there. But we set up the same house set as the director wanted. No one believed it as a set. I am happy with it,” he said.

Lyricist Ekadasi said, “I have been a lyricist for 18 years. Actor Pashupati is the reason why I entered cinema as a lyricist. I don’t know if he knows it or has forgotten it. When my friend showed me the song I had written during the shooting of Virumandi, he was surprised to hear it. He wanted to use it. But due to some circumstances, he was unable to act in that film. This film is full of comedy, reality and humor. Director Sangaiya’s A Kadhal made me tremble. I have written three songs for it. Pattinathar’s song has also been used in it,” he said.

Composer K.S. Sundharamurthy said, “I have been traveling with director Ram Sangaiah since 2019. He narrates the story of this film beautifully in the village language. We did not set any tune for the song Thandati. We made the song in two versions for Chand written by lyricist Ekadasi. It was a new experience. For the song Khaki Boyan We asked a lot of people to sing, and we chose Meenakshi Raja, a singer who is suitable for the soil of that village,” he said.

Actress Ammu Abhirami said, “Even if the director tells me this story, I will act in this film and I will not choose anyone else. It was a great experience to act in this film with so many village fathers. I am a huge fan of Pashupati sir. It was a pleasure to act with him.”

Actor Vivek Prasanna said, “This is a film where golden people talk about gold. This is my second film in Prince Pictures. Pashupati and Rohini are acting in this film, so I immediately agreed to act in this film. I have played a character that I have never done before. I am a bad drunkard.” Director Ram Sangaiah told me to grow a beard for this. But I was clean shaven at that time. However, the director asked me if a drunkard should have a beard. I convinced him by saying that a clean shaven person comes to drink every morning in our town and took this character from him. “I pretended to be snatched.”

Cinematographer Mahesh Muthuswamy said, “The strength of the film’s title will be there in the film itself. We had to complete the shoot in one stage, so we made the film without wasting a single shot. Director Ram Sangaiah has many more stories like this.”

Director Ram Sangaiah said, “I don’t know where the starting point of Dandatti started. But it has been a huge journey. Usually people worship Ganesha and sleep on the job. But I got an opportunity to work with Prince Pictures like I got Venkatajalapathy instead of Ganesha. It was all because of co-producer A. .It was Venkatesh. After hearing this story, producer Laxman Kumar immediately agreed. He encouraged me to take care of any problem. For me, it was only one film.. But at that time, even though he was producing many films at the same time, he gave separate attention to each film and remembered everything. Talking about it will be amazing. Pashupathi is one of my favorite actors. I had only two people in mind for this film, Mammootty or Pashupathi. I couldn’t get Mammootty. But I got Pashupathi. Every actor can play for every subject. But Pasupathi is acting for the screenplay. He has given a straightforward performance in the screenplay of this film which has been scrapped. This Thandatti is one of the best films he has ever acted in.

In one film, Vadivelu has done a comedy about how difficult it is to be idle. Similarly, in this film, actress Rohini has given a wonderful performance as a dead body. Even though the people around him were acting in different ways and shouting, even if I forgot to cut at some points, he held his breath and focused on the character.

Ammu Abhirami gave a call sheet of five days for the film. But he completed his work in two days after acting day and night. Dandatti appatthas who are acting in this film, in shooting or dubbing. They would sit on the sidelines and get angry with me like a child. Then I will convince them and make them act. All first time directors need a cinematographer like Mahesh Muthusamy. Although Sundaramurthy grew up in a city background, he easily assimilated village music and composed music brilliantly. Let us tell the story of the people involved when some houses were needed in the villages for this film. Before they gave the house, they asked if there were any comparable scenes and gave permission. At the time of shooting in such a house, the woman who was in that house suddenly got married. After that, when they went to the shooting, they came to the wedding house and refused to give the house to them saying that they were making comparisons. Many such interesting events have happened during this film,” he said.

Actor Pashupati said, “I heard this story after the end of Sarbhata Parambari. It was cute when I heard it. I always had a crush on my grandmother’s dandatti. I tried for days to burn the dandatti she wore as a child. But I couldn’t. It was only after her death that I got this one and a half. Grandmothers were all the rage during the shooting days of the month.No one has told a story in this genre with such ease in recent times.

Prince Pictures is an indispensable company in Tamil cinema. They give a lot of opportunities to newcomers. Even though Rohini and I have acted in many scenes, neither of us have any dialogue to speak. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Vivek Prasanna in the same color as me during the shoot. Deepa has done an important job in this film. If there is a highlight in the shooting, if we forget the dialogue, these grandmothers immediately cut it without waiting for anyone. I had to speak the lines correctly and act in fear of them. It is not known whether Mahesh Muthuswamy is sleeping or eating. A person who is always at work. Having worked with him before, I have never seen him like this. Even though I couldn’t work with lyricist Ekadasi at that time, I have worked together now. This film has all the qualities of a good film,” he said.

All the Thandatti Appattas who acted in the film attended the event. At the end of the function, all the grandmothers got together to release the trailer of the film. The grandmothers’ names were written in a grouping system and one was selected and given a fine of one and a half pounds. Apart from that all grandmothers were given expensive gifts by the producer.