The film ‘Tharunam’ directed by Arvind Sreenivasan, proudly presented by Zen Studios, has just started!!

Tharunam is the second film directed by Tejavu director Arvind Sreenivasan !!

Kishan Das & Smriti Venkat’s love moments !!

Directed by Dejavu Films director Arvind Sreenivasan and produced by Zen Studios, the movie ‘Tharunam’ starring Kishan Das & Smriti Venkat started today with a Pooja attended by the crew and celebrities. The film is co-produced by Arca Entertainments.

Mr. Arun Balaji spoke…
Arvind Srinivasan is my close friend. The most talented young director among today’s directors. A favorite director of producers. He will give a good picture. Congratulations to the film crew

Producer Vijay Pandi said..
Director Arvind Srinivasan never spares. Director to Producer. This film is definitely a good work on a budget budget. Greetings to all.

Producer Dilli Babu said…
Very happy. Arvind Srinivasan directed the first film very well. Will go to the biggest place. A lot of new producers are coming. A lot of assistant directors are waiting with stories. They will get a chance. Best wishes to the producer for success. Greetings to all

Director Ganesh Vinayak said..
Arvind Sreenivasan is amazing with the best screenplay in Dejavu. He will definitely be amazing in this movie too. The producer has to produce many films. Wish the film success.

Producer Gopi said…
I know Arvind Srinivasan only through the PR team. I met him after watching that movie. I hope they reduce the production cost in this film and give a good hit. Congratulations to all and thank you.

Editor Arul E Siddharth said..
Director Arvind Srinivasan gave me an opportunity in Tejavu without any hesitation as I was a newcomer. When I was told about this film, I said, don’t talk about the salary, I will do it. Kishan has many fans and my wife is his fan. It was a pleasure to make this film. Thanks to everyone.

Cinematographer Raja Bhattacharjee spoke…
I am looking forward to shooting this film. We have been talking about working with director Arvind Srinivasan for a long time. It was a pleasure to work with Kishan Das & Shmruti Venkat. Thank you for this opportunity

Actress Smriti Venkat said,
Thanks to director Arvind Srinivasan for giving me the opportunity. A role that has never been done before in this film. It will be completely different. I hope this film will be a big success, thanks to everyone.

Actor Kishan Das said..
I am still a newbie. Director Arvind Srinivasan said that the film can be treated as a big film from the very beginning while telling the story. We have already started with motion poster and promo video. Very happy. Darbukha Siva is the reason I am in the film industry, I thank him. He is happy to compose music for this film. Thanks for sure this movie will be a big hit.

The producer praised that…
My friendship with Arvind Srinivasan spanned more than 18 years. We strive to deliver a good work. Arvind Srinivasan is my friend and works even harder for me. He would say that he should make films like Mani Ratnam and Gautham. This film will make that dream come true. We have a very good crew. Greetings to all.

Director Arvind Srinivasan said..
Thank you to everyone who came to greet our film this morning. Fame has been a close friend for 18 years. We were talking about doing the film for a long time and he would trust me and do everything for me. It will be a hit for him. Kishan, Smriti Venkat fresh young couple, Darbhuka Siva composes music. I have heard four hit songs from him. He said he can definitely do it. My Tejavu film editor is also working on this film. Thank you, our aim is to deliver a good work beyond deja vu. After Tejavu I was sure not to make a good mystery thriller again. We talked about many stories. I took 2 months for this story. The fame of the producer did not ask me anything. He was very supportive. It will definitely be a landmark movie for everyone.


Kishan Das
Smriti Venkat

Written, Directed by Arvind Srinivasan
Cinematographer – Raja Bhattacharjee
Music – Darbhuka Siva
Cinematography – Arul E Siddharth
Art Director – Varnalaya Jagatheesan
Public Relations – Satish, Satish Kumar, Siva (AIM)
Fight Training – Stunner Sam
Producer – Fame A, Eden (Zen Studios)
Co-Produced – Arca Entertainments