Produced by-Olympia Movies

Written and Wielded by -S Y Gauthama Raj

Cast-Arulnidhi, Santhosh Pratap, Dushara, Chaya Devi, Munishkanth Sarath Lohitasawa etc.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-151 Minutes


A well written script toying with an oft repeated theme but executed brilliantly which circulates around caste politics blending both in an action packed manner!

It was only very recently that we came across such a similar sounding subject matter in Ravana Kottam; even before getting it off our vision and mind, comes this nerve-shattering action thriller laced with a bit of pleasant romance that is enjoyable!

Arulnidhi excels in the lead role while Santhosh Pratap has lent good support.

Dushara looks cute delivering a cute performance who tickles the protagonist, time and again!

Munishkanth has come up with a neat performance.

Santhosh Pratap plays Arulnidhi’s close pal. His characterization appears to be a personification of all virtues!

The stunt sequences have been well choreographed and are truly breathtaking!

Moorkan and Bhumi are close friends though they belong to different sections of the society. The local politics is at play and on expected lines, caste based politics is what prevails predominantly!

Bhumi is made a scapegoat while Moorkan is held responsible!

How Moorkan brings the truth as well as the real culprits to light is the rest of the narration. Not happy at that he assumes responsibility to deliver the verdict as well.

Those who live by the sword, die by it too-seems the sermon delivered but what makes all the difference is the treatment and in count, Gauthama Raj certainly deserves a pat!