The best virtue is to live with humanity.

‘Unnal Yennal’ is a film about real estate scams.

A film about money and affection, “Unnal Yennal”

‘Unnal Yennal’ is a film that talks about real estate scams and exposes its injustices. Produced by Rajendran Subbiah on behalf of Sri Sri Ganesha Creations. Released by Gautham Rajendran. The film is directed by A.R. Ravindra Simman of Singapore. Directed by Jayakrishna.

What is the story of this movie?

Three youths come to Chennai in search of livelihood from the village due to poverty. The need for money chases them, and in a way comes an opportunity to run out of their need for money. But they see an injustice behind that opportunity
It seems to be the opportunity of the person who abuses them against conscience. At that moment were they compromised to overcome their poverty? Or did they decide that conscientious humanity is what matters? ‘Unnal Yennal’ is the film that talks about that.

The director said about the film

“In today’s environment where the world has become mechanized, man runs in search of money. He is ready to do any kind of injustice for money. The real estate industry is a sector that does such great injustice. There are many people who have experienced losses and disappointments in it. How do they deceive fellow human beings with middlemen? In this film we are telling how they destroy life. In this film we have shown the dark side of this real estate world which has become a global phenomenon. In this film we are saying that the best virtue is to live humanely within the conscience of a person no matter how much he achieves. Is it the money of human minds related to money of this time? Sin? Selfishness? Conscience? ? will be a solution that responds to the swings of the film and will benefit the audience,” he says.

Jega, K.R.Jayakrishna& Umesh playthe three young men from the village. Sonia Agarwal is playing a negative role. Ravi Maria is playing the role of Soda Gopal. Rajesh has played a completely unexpected character. Apart from them Delhi Ganesh, R. Starring Sundarrajan, Monica, Nellie Siva, Sahana, Niharika, Lubna Aamir and others.

AR Jaya Krishna has written the story screenplay and directed the film. Famous cinematographer Kichas has done the cinematography for this film. Music composed by Rizwan. Directed by Singapore Ravindra Simmon, Art Direction by Vijay Rajan, Cinematography by M. R. Rajesh,
Choreography director Kaushalya and fight director Billa Jagan have worked.

Janeesh distributes on behalf of Action Reaction.

‘Unnal Yennal’ is slated to release on June 2.